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My goggles are fogging...why?
Goggle fog happens for one reason: Moisture. To eliminate fogging you first need to identify the location of the fog: Inside of lens, in between the two lens panes, or on the outside of the lens. Next identify where the moisture is originating from. If you are fogging on the inside of the lens, you most likely are not getting a good seal against your face. Its vitally important the goggle is FULLY seated FIRMLY against your face, with no gaps to allow snow or moisture inside the goggle. If the goggle isn’t sealing against your face, try tightening your goggle strap and re-positioning the goggle. If it still doesn’t seal, it may be a fit issue with your helmet or your head shape. Make sure your helmet isn’t holding the goggle off your face.

If the goggle doesn’t fit your head shape, you may need to switch models. Aviators for example, have much more frame curvature than Sinister goggles. So for guys with XL and XXL helmets, Aviators may be too narrow. 509 X5 Sinister however, have a more generic fit for most people. So to eliminate inside lens fogging, ensure a good fit to block out moisture. If you are still having fog issues, you may be overheating and pouring excessive sweat into the goggle. Try dressing in layers and ensuring you are not excessively sweating If the fog is appearing in between the two lens panes, this is a sign of a lens gasket failure and may be covered under warranty. Please call 509 at 1-877-743-3509 for warranty service.

If the outer lens is fogging, this is common when stopped. Try controlling your breathing. Direct your breath downward to allow it to escape your helmet without reaching the lens. Outer lens fogging quickly dissipates
once you are in motion.

The following ‘best use’ tips will cut down on fogging as well....
• Never leave your goggles face up when snowing.
• Never place goggles above hood vents that engine heat or steam escapes from.
• Try leaving your goggles on your helmet and always remove your helmet & goggles together when stopped.
• Remove your goggles when stopped or stuck. These situations you commonly excessively sweat and have no air flow to exhaust body heat.
• Make sure your goggles are never dropped or filled with snow in any way.

All these tips have the same goal in mind: Prevent moisture from entering inside the goggle. No moisture = no fog.

Which is tint is best for certain weather conditions?

There are three basic 509 lens tint options: Polarized, mirrored, and non-mirrored. Polarized lenses are available in three tints: Smoke (darkest), bronze (medium), yellow (lightest). Smoke is best for bright sunny conditions
only. Bronze and more specifically yellow are great for both sunny and low light days. Polarization is great for reducing sun glare on bright days and also enhancing visibility of terrain on low light days. Mirrored
lenses are best for sunny days as well. Any time you add the mirror coating, that extra lens layer darkens the lens, making it better suited for bright days. Non-mirrored, also known as tinted lenses (yellow, orange, etc),
are best for low light days. For night riding, we always recommend clear lenses to allow the most possible light to pass through the lens.
What is the difference between the Sinister and the new Sinister X5?
The Sinister X5 is a vast improvement over the original Sinister. First off the X5 is 0.5” taller and has an upward sloping Phantom frame to provide maximum vision. The frame sides are also squared instead of rounded to
better seal inside our 509 helmets. Fixed position outriggers are also new for the X5, which moves the strap mount point further forward, which provides a better seal with even pressure.
How is the Aviator different from the Sinister or X5?
The Aviator features a rimless frame design. This minimalistic frame is hidden behind the lens and provides for excellent vision. In addition, the rimless design, provides for no collection points for snow. Any time snow
hits the goggle, it simply slides off the side and provides consistently clear vision. The Aviator also features an extremely simple lens change system for fast on the mountain lens changes.

Can I wear prescription glasses with 509 goggles?
509 goggles accept many of today’s prescription eyeglass frames shapes and sizes. However the Sinister snow series seems to accommodate the most variations and provide the best fit.

We also have another option. www.888rxgoggles.com provides prescription lens inserts for the Sinister series goggles custom made to fit properly in that goggle. You can reach them by the internet or at 1-888-794-6445. Prescription lens inserts are designed specifically for 509 goggles and are designed to always remain inside the goggle frame, for easy goggle removal without the hassle of traditional eyeglasses.

How do I clean a 509 lens?
The 509 soft storage pouch is made of the premium choice material to clean and polish your lens. First, rinse the lens with water to remove all large debris, being careful not to scratch the lens. Then shake the excess water from the lens and blot dry and polish the lens with the 509 soft pouch. The pouch may be hand cleaned and allowed to dry if it becomes soiled. Never use a cleaning agent on the lens as it can remove the fog and scratch free properties from the lens and/or ruin the clarity of the lens.

Can I use quick release straps on 509 goggles?
Absolutely! Click the link to check them out and to purchase 509 specific quick release straps.

Aviator Quick Straps - http://wrthj.ypmpn.servertrust.com/509-Aviator-Go...
X5 Quick Straps - http://wrthj.ypmpn.servertrust.com/509-X5-Siniste...

How do I know if my helmet fits right?

A properly sized helmet should be comfortably snug to your head. The top and side pads should fit snug around your head and cheeks. With the helmet chin strap properly secured, gently shake your head and the helmet should move with your head. You should not be able to easily re-position the helmet on your head with your hands and you should feel slight pulling on your skin if you try to re-position it. Keep in mind a new helmet should be tighter then your old helmet because it is not broke in yet.

If I take an impact on my helmet, can I keep using it?
Absolutely NOT! Helmets feature EPS foam that smashes during impact to absorb impact force. So although the exterior shell of your helmet may appear to be okay, the interior EPS foam may be smashed from the impact, and provide no future protection. Helmets are designed to take a significant impact only once and then be disposed of (not resold). If you take a significant impact, you must dispose of your helmet and purchase a new one to ensure the absolute best protection.

509 X5 Sinister LENS REMOVAL
1/ Remove the nosemask first. Pull the center of the nosemask down to release the center barbed nosemask mount from the goggle frame. Next release the left & right nosemask mounts.
2/ Grab the nose area of the frame with one hand and the top center of the frame with the other. Apply firm opposite pulling force until the lens
3/ Continue releasing each of the lens mounts, until free.

509 X5 Sinister LENS INSTALL

1/ Starting on the left or right side, align the lens into the frame groove. Next fully align the entire lens into the frame groove.
2/ Once fully in place, begin snapping each lens mount into the frame groove. When fully in place, no part of the lens cutout will be visible.
3/ Once the lens is fully installed, re-install the nosemask by first attaching the left & right mounts, followed by the center tab.
Watch the lens install video: http://goo.gl/shgjq

1/ Grab the lens firmly with one hand. With your other hand, grab directly behind one of the top lens
buttons, on the inside of the goggle.
2/ While holding the lens firmly in place, apply FIRM pulling pressure on the inside of the goggle
frame, directly behind the top lens button. The lens button will release from the notch in lens, but the
button ALWAYS remains installed in the frame and shouldn’t remove from the frame.
3/ Continue releasing each of the 6 lens buttons from the lens, until the lens is fully removed.
1/ Align your new lens so the lens buttons align with the cutouts on the lens. Snap either the far left or right lens button into the lens
first. While holding the lens in one hand and the goggle frame in your other, apply firm pressure until the first button fully snaps into
place on the lens.
2/ Repeat step 1 in clockwise order, until all 6 lens buttons are fully snapped into the lens.
3/ On the nose area, apply direct upward pressure to snap the two center nose mounts in place.
Watch the lens install video: http://goo.gl/shgjq

Orginal Sinister Lens Removal
1/ Remove the nosemask first. Pull the center of the nosemask down to release the center barbed nosemask
mount from the goggle frame. Next release the left & right nosemask mounts.
2/ Grab the nose area of the frame with one hand and the top center of the frame with the other. Apply firm
opposite pulling force until the top lens mount releases.
3/ Grab the lens and apply firm pulling pressure until the nose area mounts release.
1/ Starting on the left or right side, align the lens into the frame groove. Next fully align the entire lens into the frame groove.
2/ Once fully in place, grab the lens with one hand, the frame with your other and snap one of the top 2 lens mounts in place, followed by the other. Apply slight opposite
pulling force, while pressing the lens & frame together to snap into place if needed.
3/ With the lens fully in the frame groove, the top snapped into place, snap the 3 nose area mounts into place last. With the lens facing away from you, grab the goggle
with both hands: thumbs over the top, pointer fingers in the area area. Apply FIRM squeezing pressure, while giving the frame a slight twist until all 3 lens cutouts snap
in place and are no longer visible.
Watch the lens install video: http://goo.gl/shgjq